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Smart Visual Ear Cleaner

Smart Visual Ear Cleaner

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Introducing the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner – the future of ear care has never looked so bright! Say goodbye to the uncertainty of ear cleaning with our Wireless Smart Visual Ear Cleaner, a cutting-edge otoscope designed for a hassle-free, fun, and professional ear cleaning experience.

Features that make ear care a breeze:

1. **Visual Brilliance:** Equipped with a built-in CMOS sensor and six LED cold light lamps, this ear cleaner provides a crystal-clear view of your ear canal. No more guesswork – easily check and clean earwax with confidence.

2. **360° Precision:** Thanks to the three-axis directional gyroscope, enjoy 360° accurate ear picking without any dead angles. It's your companion for daily ear cleaning and care, making the process convenient and thorough.

3. **Ultra-fine Comfort:** The 3.9mm ultra-fine caliber food-grade silicone ear scoops ensure a comfortable and safe ear-picking experience. Gentle on your ears, tough on earwax – a perfect balance of comfort and effectiveness.

4. **High-Definition Exploration:** Boasting a 5-megapixel high-definition endoscope, this device delivers clear images in any situation, making ear cleaning both easy and safe. See what you've been missing and clean your ears with confidence.

Additional perks:

- **Versatile Compatibility:** Capture images in JPEG format, record videos in AVI format, and enjoy visual ear picking support on Android 4.2 or above and IOS 9.0 or above.

- **Wireless Wonder:** Connect seamlessly via WiFi to the app on your mobile phone, providing instant visual access. Enjoy a generous usage time of 70 minutes with the WiFi chip.

Elevate your ear care routine with the Smart Visual Ear Cleaner – because your ears deserve the best in technology and comfort!

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